Lebanese Food Importers Are Struggling To Retrieve Their Goods From Beirut Port


The Lebanese Syndicate of Food Importers announced that there is an imbalance in the process of retrieving goods from the Beirut port, and there is fear of severe damage to the food supply chains in Lebanon.

Implying the ongoing strike in the public sector, the syndicate said in a statement: “With all respect for the demands of the public sector employees, the problems have begun to afflict our sector in depth and threaten to cause a major disruption in the food supply in Lebanon.”

It also pointed out that allowing the entry of small quantities of food, and then stopping the entry, is a result of the irregular work of the ministries.

Also, the failure of employees to attend regularly to take samples and the accumulation of goods will inevitably lead to a major imbalance in the issue of food in the Lebanese market.

The Syndicate revealed that the first negative result of this issue was that several companies refrained from importing new shipments of food commodities until the situation in Beirut port cleared.

Also, other companies did the same for fear of damage to the foodstuffs they imported, which require refrigeration.

“It is unacceptable to deal with such easiness with commodities vital to the Lebanese society, calling for the complete neutralization of foodstuffs, to preserve food security for the Lebanese,” the syndicate stated.

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