Lebanese Food Just Ranked The Best In The Middle East

Al Wadi Al Akhdar

Famous for its rich and flavorful dishes, Lebanese food has secured a place among the top 100 cuisines globally, ranking 25th according to TasteAtlas Website.

12 Middle Eastern countries made it to the list, with Lebanese cuisine leading the pack at the 25th spot worldwide.

The TasteAtlas list recommends trying a variety of Lebanese dishes and products such as Hummus, Falafel, Shawarma, Fattoush, Kibbeh, Manakish, Garlic Sauce (the Lebanese Toum), Fatteh, and Maamoul, among others.

Following Lebanese cuisine were three North African cuisines, including Algerian cuisine (ranked 40th globally), Moroccan cuisine (ranked 46th globally), and Egyptian cuisine (ranked 51st globally).

European and East Asian cuisines dominated the top five positions, with Italian cuisine ranking first globally, followed by Japanese cuisine, Greek cuisine, Portuguese cuisine, and Chinese cuisine.

TasteAtlas relies on 395,205 reviews (of which 271,819 are valid) for dishes and 115,660 reviews (of which 80,863 are valid) for food products from around the world.

Lebanon’s culinary delights have consistently secured top ranking globally, with the recent recognition of the Lebanese Shawarma sandwich, which earned the prestigious third spot in TasteAtlas’ ranking, following closely behind Vietnam’s “Banh Mi” and Turkey’s “Tombik Doner”.

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