Food Security In Lebanon On The Verge Of Collapse

Al Jazeera

Due to the ongoing open-ended strike by public administration employees, employees at the ministries of agriculture and economy have stopped attending to their duties.

As a result, imported food that is stored in containers in ports can no longer be examined and allowed into Lebanese markets.

Therefore, food security in Lebanon is facing a major threat, owing to the fact that Lebanon imports 80% of its food supplies.

Hani Bahsali, the Head of the Food Importers’ Syndicate, has warned that should this issue persist, Lebanon’s food security will collapse in a period of 6 weeks.

Bahsali added that, unless public administration employees get back to work, food importers will have to pay extra fees to store their supplies in Lebanese ports.

Subsequently, food supply prices will witness a hike in price in the near future, which is something the average Lebanese citizen cannot afford.

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