2 Lebanese Businesses Just Ranked Among ’50 Greatest Food Shops In The World’

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The Financial Times recently published a ranking of 50 places to “find the best produce on the planet,” and the list included Lebanese-owned businesses.

The first of the two Lebanese food shops that made the list is Aziz Delicatesse, a decades-old family business with branches in Kantari-Beirut and in Zalka.

Founded in 1955, Aziz delivers an array of high-quality luxurious products and ingredients from bakeries, pastries, catering, and savories to wine cellars. It has one of Lebanon’s largest wine cellars, “stocking 100,000 bottles of wine and bubbly,” according to FT.

“Like much of this city, Aziz Delicatesse is a survivor,” the daily wrote, citing wars, financial crises, and the Beirut Port explosion.

The second Lebanese-owned food shop is Sahadi’s, in Brooklyn, New York.

Founded by a Lebanese family in 1948, Sahadi’s has been bringing flavors of the Middle East to its New York neighborhood for the last 73 years, including spices, nuts, olives, cheeses, sweets, coffees, Lebanese wines, and so much more.

Last year, Sahadi’s was featured in The New York Times for being among 6 businesses that have survived the Great Depression, war, and the pandemic.

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