Lebanese Footballer Hit By Stray Bullet During Funeral Gunfire

Lebanese Footballer Hospitalized Due To Stray Bullet From Funeral Gunfire
Saida Online | Al-Jadeed

Despite the obvious repercussions of the barbaric habit of shooting during funerals, some people in Lebanon still choose to do it for some reason. Today, the life of a young Lebanese athlete hangs by a thread thanks to this tradition.

The Lebanese people generally, and the victims particularly, are still recovering from the devastating explosion that wreaked havoc across Beirut.

The trauma caused by the harrowing incident left a wound in every Lebanese, and the wound only deepens at the daily sight of the funerals of those who were lost.

Joe Bou Saab was killed by the Beirut Port explosion.

Unfortunately, however, the latest of these funerals, that of Joe Bou Saab on Friday, made headlines not for the reasons it should, but for the fact that it unexpectedly turned bloody.

Mohamed Atwi, a Lebanese professional football player, is now in intensive care after a stray bullet fired during Bou Saab’s funeral, by one of several armed men, penetrated his skull.

The 33-year-old athlete’s condition is critical and requires a surgical operation. Security forces said that an investigation has commenced in order to locate the source of the bullet.

Several videos shared heavily on social media show at least three individuals firing military-grade firearms randomly into the air during the funeral, with some holding their AK-47 and M16 rifles at dangerously low angles.

What happened today is nothing but utterly disrespectful to the memory of Joe Bou Saab, a Beirut Fire Brigade hero who gave his life to protect others’, and to the rest of the victims of the blast.

This scene, as outrageous as it is, is sadly not an uncommon one in Lebanon.

For some reason, in this country, a weapon manufactured for warfare is often used on various occasions, from wedding parties and graduation celebrations to funerals and other social occasions, often leading to casualties.

In this case, the short-lasting, ineffective, and frivolous show of toughness will most likely leave an eternal mark on the victim of this criminal act, and his loved ones.