Lebanese Protesters Held A Funeral For The Lira (Video)

Lebanese protesters never fail to amuse the public. In spite of the anger and frustration surrounding the country’s dwindling economy, people can use humor and lighten the public’s mood.

Calling inspiration from the viral coffin dance meme, a group of Lebanese revolutionaries marched down the streets of Zahleh to the same electronic music ‘Astronomia’ by Vicetone.

The protesters were dressed all in black paired with white suspenders, hats, and face masks. They danced carrying a coffin with pictures of the Lebanese lira pasted on it, giving it a proper Ghanaian goodbye.

In Ghana, where the meme originated, people would rather send off their loved ones by dancing and having a good time in their festival-like funerals.

Similarly, although things look very grim in Lebanon, people muster the strength to wear a smile and make the best of any situation.

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