Listen To This Amazing Lebanese Game Of Thrones Theme Song!

The seventh season of Game of Thrones (GoT) kicked off and fans took over social media. From sharing spoilers and theories to posting memes, this famous TV series is all over social media platforms! The oriental version of the theme song caught the attention of GoT fans in Lebanon! It was made by a Lebanese band called

Iyam El Lira

. It’s perfect and you need to listen to it! This band is made of young musicians who want to bring back the glory of iconic Lebanese songs by adding a modern touch to them. You’ll get an eargasm after listening to their songs!

Western tunes and Lebanese lyrics

In fact, these musicians are not the only ones that are mixing Western and Oriental songs together. Recently, Fairouz released two songs with a twist! The first one is


which was inspired by a French song called 

Pour qui veille l’étoile

. Reema, Fairouz’s daughter and her producer, made the necessary changes by rewriting the song in Arabic. The second one is


which is based on John Lennon’s Imagine.