10 Lebanese Gems That Are Worth The Trip

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Lebanon is not just about its bustling cities or its renowned tourist destinations. Far from the beaten track, you’ll find places that defy expectations, places that haven’t yet been Instagrammed to death.

Here’s a list of 10 under-the-radar spots in Lebanon you should consider visiting.

1. Kfardebian Natural Bridge

A natural limestone bridge tucked away in the mountains.

2. Tannourine Cedar Reserve

An untouched forest where Lebanon’s iconic cedars reign.

3. Afqa Waterfall

This waterfall is a secret oasis, perfect for some much-needed peace.

4. Hermitage of Saint Anthony in Qozhaya

Lebanese Americans

A tranquil monastery built into a cliff.

5. Batroun Old Souks

Vintage vibes and local charm abound here.

6. Niha Fortress

An ancient site that offers panoramic views of the Bekaa Valley.

7. The Phoenician Wall in Batroun

This centuries-old sea wall is a historical marvel.

8. Mseilha Fort

Overlooking a river, this fort is a window into Lebanon’s past.

9. Qadisha Valley

An ideal locale for trekking and meditation.

10. Saida’s Soap Museum

Learn about Lebanon’s soap-making tradition in this overlooked museum.

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