Lebanese Student Georges Jreij Moves To The ‘Stars Of Science’ Semi-Finals With His Innovation For Children With Autism

Lebanese University

The Lebanese University (LU) student Georges Jreij has reached the semi-finals of Qatar Foundation’s Stars of Science program after creating a device that predicts meltdown in children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

The Stars of Science program aims to enable innovators from the MENA region to develop technological solutions that benefit the health and lifestyles of their communities.

Jreij is pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Psychology at the Lebanese University as well as a joint Diploma in Biomedical Engineering with the Grenoble Institute of Technology in France.

His project is “smart socks” worn by children with ASD. The socks work on four vital sensors that predict the occurrence of meltdown and then send a phone message to the parents to inform them of intervention.

The device uses sensors that detect changes in heart rate, accelerated movement, temperature, and skin moisture.

Jreij pointed out that his innovation provides parents with remote monitoring of their children since the occurrence of meltdown is one of the biggest problems individuals with autism spectrum disorders suffer from.

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