The Lebanese Government Formation Efforts Might Pay Off Soon, Here Are The Latest Updates

Grand Serail Beirut

Lebanon could witness two constitutional voids if a new president is not elected first, and a government is formed second.

However, mediators have not given up yet and are seeking a solution to the complications, which is expected to end the deadlock soon and a government gets finally formed.

General Security chief Abbas Ibrahim is reportedly carrying out contacts with some sides, while Hezbollah is seeking to ease the stance of Free Patriotic Movement (FPM) chief Gebran Bassil.

The efforts are focusing on a government format as presented by PM Najib Mikati, which changes a number of ministers and not most of the Christian ministers as requested by Bassil.

PM Mikati has been reportedly convinced to accept that President Aoun names the Sunni minister in agreement with Akkar’s MPs and the Druze minister in agreement with Lebanese Democratic Party chief Talal Arslan as well as two Christian ministers.

Since forming a government is an essential factor in case of a presidential vacancy, the formed cabinet could take responsibility until a new president is elected.

The expected governmental reshuffle might expand to target five portfolios. The reshuffle will reportedly replace the ministers of Economy and of the Displaced, as well as the Ministers of Youth & Sports, Social Affairs, and Foreign Affairs. 

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