Here’s Where The Lebanese Government’s Recent LBP 3 Billion Expenses Went

Here's Where The Lebanese Government's Recent LBP 3 Billion Expenses Went
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The Lebanese government has recently paid nearly 3 billion Lebanese pounds for various services offered by companies and individuals, without holding a bidding process.

According to Gherbal Initiative, a total of LBP 2,929,940,000 was recently paid by the government for several contracts offering services such as cleaning and maintenance at various public institutions, as well as for other fees and expenditures, including rent for public schools.

The data is sourced from the latest edition of the Lebanese Official Gazette.

The aforementioned sum is broken down into LBP 1,380,025,000 for the Ministry of Education, LBP 978,293,000 for the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, and LBP 571,622,000 for the Ministry of Interior.

Expenses include:

  • Interior Ministry:
    • LBP 236,800,000 to Universal Dream for Services and Maintenance, in exchange for cleaning services in the Jounieh Serail.
    • LBP 73,659,000 to National Services and Trading NST, in exchange for cleaning services in the new Metn Serail.
    • LBP 109,344,000 to A to Z Services to execute a contract.
  • Education Ministry:
    • LBP 106,904,000 to Pheonix Services and Engineering Company, in exchange for cleaning the buildings where the 2019 official exams were held.
    • LBP 399,209,000 to the Saint Georges Cathedral in Sarba, in exchange for rent for the Sarba Official Mixed School building between 01/01/2012 and 31/02/2017.
    • LBP 182,445,000 to the owners of Property No. 24 in Chir Hmayreen, in exchange for rent for the Sheikh Ayyash Public School building between 12/06/2016 and 11/06/2019..

On the other hand, the Public Works Ministry’s LBP 978,293,000 was paid to execute Shura Council decisions No. 652/2017 and No. 677/2015, according to the data.

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