How Lebanese Are Expressing Their Grief Over Beirut Through Arts

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Grief, anger, outrage, despair… Strong emotions that have taken the nation over the horrific crime committed against Beirut.

Calling it the Beirut Port explosion is no longer pertinent. The city exploded, not just the port, and so did the hearts of the people of this nation, wherever they are.

Anger has been boiling and many take to the streets, again, to express it.

Outrage is suffocating the chests, and many take to social media to unleash it at those they deem responsible.

Grief is bleeding the hearts, and many feel broken, expressing it in tears and withdrawal.

Among them all, the artists of Lebanon are finding a semblance of relief in crying on their blank art material as their pain, their anger, their outrage, and also their faith in Beirut, materialize in shapes and colors…

Here are some that caught our attention on social media:

An angel rose from the ashes, a now-iconic victim… Alexandra…

Snatched from life and her parents by the blast, the death of 3-year-young Alexandra has shaken the nation… An angel rising to heavens.

Crossing the dark path to the dawn of hope

The revolution is born from the womb of sorrows

A Blast Of Corruption

When time stopped… to mark a dark history for Lebanon

Angels of My City

Like A Phoenix, We Will Rise Again

We are here to stay, Beirut is not for sale…

A Day We Will Never Forget

We won’t let Beirut fall, whatever it takes…

We shall conquer the destruction

The Homeland Is Bleeding

Rise Ya Beirut… Rise

Stand Strong, Lebanon

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