Lebanese Grocery Store Takes Part In Middle Eastern Food Tour In America!

Lebanese cuisine has a positive reputation around the world. Through a large Diaspora, Lebanese food and restaurants are starting to take over the world of foodies. As much as Lebanese food is starting to gain a huge popularity, there are still people who are unfamiliar with the Middle Eastern culture. In the USA, more precisely Michigan, the director of the Arab American Museum Devon Akmon is organizing Middle Eastern food tours in Dearborn’s Warren Avenue and Michigan Avenue where there is a large Middle Eastern community that runs stores, restaurants, and markets. The tours, called

Yalla Eat!

include visiting these stores and meeting with the owners who tell about their culture and the history of their business.

A Lebanese taste in Michigan

One of the most famous Middle Eastern hubs in Michigan is Hashem’s, a Lebanese grocery store. In fact, Hashem’s is a store that makes people feel like they are in Lebanon. One can find anything there: from spices to deserts, to Lebanese kitchenware, Hashem’s is all about creating the perfect Lebanese atmosphere in America. Adam Hashem’s grandfather founded this store in the South of Lebanon, which is still operating. During the civil war, the Hashem family moved to Detroit and opened this store. During the tours, Adam Hashem tells the history of the family business and talks about Lebanese food, especially coffee. Originally a store that roasts nuts, Hashem’s is famous for its fresh coffee that is carefully made by following a family recipe. For the year 2017, the tours started in April and will end in October. People who take part in

Yalla Eat!

 get the unique opportunity to learn about the Middle Eastern culture and to taste food samples.


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