Lebanese Grocery Store In Brooklyn Was Just Ranked The Best In The United States!

Lebanese food is, without a doubt, one of the best in the world. Travel & Leisure ranked Beirut as the best international city for food in 2016.


However, restaurants are not the only ones that prove the deliciousness of the Lebanese cuisine; grocery markets can do it, too.

A Middle Eastern market in Brooklyn, whose owners are Lebanese, is one of the recipients the 2017 James Beard Foundation America’s Classics Award.  The recipients of this award have proven excellence in cuisine.

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The store is called Sahadi’s. Sahadi is the family name of the founders. It’s a business that is currently being run by the third generation of a Lebanese family that opened the store in Manhattan in 1895 then moved to Brooklyn in 1948.

The aim of Sahadi’s is to meet the needs of the Lebanese community in the region. What is so great about this store is that it does not merely sell spices and canned food.

Au contraire, you can find anything there. There are so many sections that you do not know where to start shopping. The store sells the following: bulk food, cheese, olive oil, package speciality food, ethnic items, coffee, sweets, and prepared foods. In short, Sahadi’s is a smaller version of Lebanon in Brooklyn.


The delicacies that Sahadi’s provides are not the only reasons that made it receive an award. This grocery store is famous for its picky way of working. It has its facility to roast nuts and a butcher shop to manage the work and make sure that it serves quality to its customers.

The shop also ships goods from Lebanon. How is the shipping done? A part of the Sahadi family lives in Lebanon: they control the quality and do all the paperwork.


This family business is hard to run, however, it has been up to the challenge and is officially the best grocery store in the United States for 2017.

Also, this market provides catering services and the best part is that everything is fresh and handmade. The food tastes like home.

Once again, the Lebanese Diaspora made us proud! Bravo!


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