Meet The Lebanese Group That Is Bringing Beirut Back To Life

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When Beirut’s port lit up to flames and exploded, NGOs rushed to the impacted areas in immediate assistance. The streets were filled with broken glass, furniture, and many more possessions that were damaged by the powerful explosion.

The very next day after the explosion, the Live Love NGO formed a task force dedicated to picking up what’s left of Lebanon’s capital.

Their mission is specifically to Rebuild Beirut and bring it back to life, and they haven’t stopped since then. Two months later, they are still as relentless and determined.

They prompted to form a Disaster Management & Response Unit in their office in Beirut Digital District and have been working 24/7 with their teams to help those impacted by the explosion.

This independent non-profit was actually founded in 2012 in Beirut and Los Angeles “with the goal of sharing, celebrating, and helping the beauty of Lebanon.”

They are also the creators of Live Love Recycle that has recently won the Green Award for the best environmental app by Berlin-based GreenTech.

Rebuild Beirut is an initiative by our community,” they say.

Like other NGOs and volunteers after the Beirut explosion, Rebuild Beirut went on cleaning up the streets and the impacted homes from the debris and broken glass.

In almost 4 days, they had swept through Mar Mikhael, Gemmayze, Geitawi, Quarantina, and other areas.

During that time frame, people who knew of someone in need of help were sending their details to the NGO via direct messages, calls, and their Request Help section on Live Love’s website.

Soon after, they started scouting and scanning the affected area. They sent off volunteering architects, engineers, and designers to assess the damages of the houses requesting help.

A month after the explosion, Rebuild Beirut managed to distribute financial and reconstructing services and in-kind donations to the affected families.

They’ve donated so far $50,000 in cash to those in need, sent 40 individuals for surgery to the Emirates Red Crescent, and donated over 1,000 kg of basic food supplies, and over 60 boxes of clothes.

They also supplied 180 individuals with medical and hygiene supplies and constructed 13 damaged homes in coordination with other NGOs. And they have been connecting those who need help with volunteers.

Surely, handling such large devastation can’t be done alone. Rebuild Beirut has formed a coalition with 60+ other NGOs, joining abilities for the benefit of Beirut and its residents.

This is how Beirut is being rebuilt, by the people, who have quickly and properly organized themselves from day one, and strategize their tasks with an admirable focus and relentless determination, endorsing functional teamwork and problem-solving actions.

It is probably safe to say that they should be taken as the perfect role model for the governance of the country’s affairs.

To support Rebuild Beirut’s endeavors, visit here.

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