The Time A Lebanese Guy Ended Up On A Dr. Phil Show About Scamming (Videos)

The Time A Lebanese Guy Ended Up On A Dr. Phil Show About Scamming (Videos)
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In Anna’s eyes, Sammie Lee Strong is a kind and loving man who wants to marry her as soon as he’s back home in the United States. Unbeknownst to her, Strong is a mere mirage that she has been throwing her savings at for years.

Anna, a 75-year-old woman, appeared on Dr. Phil to talk about a situation that her son was shocked to discover recently: she had sent over $100,000’s worth of cash and gifts to what her son believes to be “a scam artist.”

The money and the gifts, which include an iPhone, a computer, Apple watches, and a pair of boots, had all been sent to Nigeria, where Sammie Lee Strong, Anna’s supposed long-distance lover, claimed to work in the oil industry.

Despite her son’s efforts to convince her that she had been in contact with a scammer, Anna was, up until she got on the show, insisting on helping Strong pay the due taxes that he claimed he was now being detained for in Nigeria.

She was unable to send the money because her son had taken control of her accounts at that point. Strong’s response? He asked Anna to mortgage the house to help him pay “the tax people.”

During the episode, a man named Khalid joins the discussion. It is the same face in the photos sent to Anna by her supposed lover throughout the years, and he lives in Beirut.

He claimed that his identity had been stolen and used in scam operations, denying any knowledge of Anna.

The revelation broke Anna, but the matter was far from over.

“Khalid is a professional charming guy knowing how to brainwash women,” a woman named Cathy, who runs a worldwide scam alert page on Facebook, claimed when she appeared on the show after the first call with Khalid.

Cathy alleged that Khalid had previously scammed several women, including one from the United Kingdom named Samantha, who went on to reveal in a call that the man had allegedly duped her into sending him £2,000 (~$2,800) after having visited his family home in Beirut multiple times.

Cathy also alleged that Khalid had been training Nigerian boys to use his pictures to conduct scam operations, out of which he allegedly receives pay cuts.

When confronted with these claims, Khalid denied being a scammer. He claimed that Samantha was “a friend” of his, to which Samantha responded by reiterating that he had allegedly taken advantage of her and used her for money.

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