Two Lebanese Hairdressers Are Using Chocolate To Fix Damaged Hair!

Apparently, chocolate can fix your mood and your hair! While people are searching for natural ways to treat their hair, two Lebanese hairdressers found a solution which is chocolate! Apparently, applying chocolate on your hair is an effective and a healthy way to treat damaged hair. The beauty salon, which is located in Beirut, is called Abed & Samer Beauty Salon. According to these hairdressers, chemicals are widely used but sometimes they can harm your hair. However, chocolate is very beneficial and can be used to treat damaged hair naturally. The demand for this treatment is very high. In fact, doctors do not recommend people to be in contact with chemicals since they are the main factors that cause cancer.

Color your hair with Nutella!

Last year, these hairdressers have proved for being creative when they introduced Nutella as a hair dye. The internet exploded with this new trend and everyone wanted to try it! In fact, the dye can last from 2 to 3 weeks. In fact, using Nutella as a hair dye is great when you want to try something new without exposing your hair to chemicals! Who knew that chocolate is not just food?