Lebanese Health Ministry Changes Quarantine Period, Here Are The Details

Lebanon has recorded 77 coronavirus in total
Mohammad Azakir | Al-KawtharTV

The Ministry of Public Health issues on Wednesday a new memorandum regarding the amendment of the quarantine period based on “the latest scientific recommendation” and “the opinion of the national committee.”

Ministry of Public Health Decree

The amendments are as follows:

  • Asymptomatic patients (not showing symptoms of COVID-19): The isolation period can be determined by up to 10 days. Patients can return to normal life without the need for a PCR test.
  • Positive cases showing symptoms: The isolation period can be determined for a minimum of 10 days, provided patients have had a normal body temperature with a significant reduction in other symptoms in the last 24 hours.
  • Fully vaccinated people who have had close contact with a positive case: The period of confinement is 7 days without the need of a PCR test if no symptoms are noted, or 5 days with a negative PCR test on the fifth day.
  • Those who took 1 dose of vaccine only as well as the unvaccinated, and who have been exposed to close contact with a positive case: The quarantine period is of 10 days if they don’t suffer from any symptom, or 7 days if their PCR test came out negative.
  • Fully vaccinated medical staff who had close contact with a positive case: They can resume work if showing no symptoms, provided that they take all the required health measures.

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