32 Lebanese Heritage Houses That Will Take Your Breath Away

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There is something particular about Lebanon’s heritage houses that is little spoken about. Much has been written about their beauty, their charm, their unique architecture, their history, and their priceless cultural heritage that must be preserved.

But there is even more to them. Their presence across the country is empowering. It reflects the pride of a nation that has always been adamant to prevail through times and challenges.

They are here to claim it, and to remind us that Lebanon is more than political governments that come and go, and more than its challenging phases.

One has only to stand for a moment in front of their imposing beauty and feel the echo of their times whispering, “Resist, we are here to stay.”

Whether well-preserved, renovated, replicated, or abandoned yet standing proud like a wounded soldier, these houses of Lebanese heritage architecture are patriotic wonders, and many of them simply take our breath away.

#1 Splendid in Beirut

#2 Sober and quaint in Tyre

#3 Dignified in Hamra

#4 Abandoned in Horsh Tabet

#5 Stately in Chouf

#6 Simply elegant in Saida

#7 Embraced by mother nature in Maasser Beiteddine

#8 Lofty and fancy in Beirut

#9 Imperial in Ain Mreisseh

#10 Imposing in Achrafieh

#11 Iconic in Clemenceau, Beirut

#12 Romantically turned into a guesthouse in Remhala, Aley

#13 Stylish in Tyre

#14 Sleek in Saifi Village

#15 Historic in Ain Treize

#16 Resplendent in Aley

#17 Ancestral charm in Zahle

#18 Homey in Deir El-Qamar

#19 Fine and picturesque in Tripoli

#20 Distinguished in Bteddine El Liqch, South Lebanon

#21 Imposing gracefulness in Chouf

#22 Enchanting in Beirut

#23 Opulent in Brummana

#24 Welcoming in Beino, Akkar

#25 Abandoned glory in Aley

#26 Radiantly charming in Sidon

#27 Hidden gem in Achrafieh

#28 Exquisite in Rashayya, Bekaa

#29 Dashing in Beino, Akkar

#30 Winsome in Zahle

#31 Sumptuous in Sebail, North Lebanon

#32 Prevailing Charm in Rashayya, Bekaa

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32 Lebanese Heritage Houses That Will Take Your Breath Away

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