Lebanese Volunteers Launch Hunger Relief Campaign

khebzak 3a baytak

Khebzak 3a Baytak, meaning your bread to your home, is a community initiative to provide bread to poor families in Lebanon.

Supported by Izdihar NGO and Shi Shabablaki Group, the voluntary initiative aims to deliver daily bread to vulnerable Lebanese families. Their mission towards them affirms: “Your Bread Is Our Duty.”

A group of Lebanese volunteers in Hazmat protective suits tour houses in their van and leave bread at families’ doors, thus ensuring they are fed and safe in their own homes.

Their motivation, as described on their website, is the current tough living conditions in Lebanon:

“The recent events raised the levels of extreme poverty in Lebanon, especially with the financial collapse, totally depriving daily workers of even the capability of buying their daily bread.

A large segment of families has become “poorer than the poor” as a result of the deliberate neglect and marginalization of officials, forcing them to face today’s quarantine and hunger together.”

These volunteers deliver bread to quarantined citizens in Tripoli daily, as well as families in other needy areas in Lebanon.

The distribution process begins after the volunteers receive the bread from the bakeries, and proceed in sanitizing and then bagging them. These young men and women pack the bags safely before the delivery.

This campaign started with the preparation and distribution of one thousand bags a day. Now the volunteers deliver up to nine thousand bags daily.

The goal of the initiative is to cover all regions with more bread as well as other necessities, and everyone is welcome to help.

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