Renowned Lebanese Maestro Ihsan Al Mounzer Just Passed Away

Ihsan Al Mounzer

The acclaimed Lebanese Maestro and composer Ihsan Al Mounzer passed away on Wednesday at the age of 75, after struggling with illness.

Ihsan Al Mounzer is often described to be the father of belly-dance disco, as the Lebanese composer created a new genre, after fusing Middle Eastern and Western music, during Lebanon’s civil war.

During the 1980s, his career became at its height, joining iconic Lebanese singers, such as Fairouz, and was one of the most in-demand in the region’s music industry.

Al Mounzer is known for his many albums, including, Belly Dance Disco, Disco Belly Dance – Shish Kebab, and more.

He was also recognized with several awards at the region’s major festivals as he composed music for great singers such as Majida Al Roumi, Ragheb Alama, Walid Tawfik, and Samira Said.

Al Mounzer composed musical introductions and soundtracks for several films, programs, and television series. He is notably known for iconic songs, such as “Law Chebaki Aa Chebakik,” “Ya Nabeh Al Mahabi,” among others.

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