Lebanese Industry Minister Says Lebanon On Its Way To Become An Oil Country

Sawt Beirut

The “Industrial Pulse of Lebanon” forum, organized by Paragon, was inaugurated in the presence of diplomatic and economic officials and businessmen, at the Middle East Airlines Training and Aviation Center.

It was under the auspices of PM Najib Mikati, represented by Caretaker Minister of Industry George Boushekian, and in the presence of the Minister of Economy in Caretaker government Amin Salam and former Minister of Industry Imad Hoballah.

Boushekian assured that he supports and encourages any forum that could constitute an interactive situation between investors and businessmen in Lebanon and abroad, and everything that aims to activate exchange between Lebanon and the world, and weave networks of partnership and trade.

He added: “Lebanon is not poor, and it is on the way to becoming an oil country, and this is linked in some way to the industry that Lebanon will plunge into after the start of the extraction operations.”

These operations are done by the chemical and petrochemical industries, and require huge investments and scientific specializations, whether in petroleum engineering or others.

“We are called to prepare the scientific, technical, and logistical ground for the qualitative transformation that Lebanon will witness, and move from one classification to another,” he explained.

He noted that the private sector that lifts Lebanon and its economy must have a real partnership with the public sector so that the country does not suffer imbalance and stagnation.

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