Lebanese Influencer Is Challenging Himself To Run From Beirut To Batroun Barefoot


Lebanese influencer Ramy is gearing up for another extraordinary feat. Last year, he ran over 40 kilometers barefoot for a great cause.

Ramy is now setting his sights on conquering a marathon and a half this time – a staggering 63 kilometers. The run is scheduled for Sunday, September 10th.

The route stretches from the iconic Rawche in Beirut to the picturesque town of Batroun. Ramy’s determination knows no bounds as he seeks to encourage others to rise above their limitations.

In his own words, “There are people I loved who hurt me and left, and there are those who loved me but life took them away. Yet, there are still people in my life that I cherish, just as you are one of them.”

Ramy’s perspective on life, encapsulated by his motto “Let’s Live,” drives this endeavor, inviting us all to reconnect with our shared humanity and strive for positive change.

The symbolism behind Ramy’s barefoot runs resonates deeply. His journey isn’t just about covering distances; it’s about overcoming obstacles and reconnecting with our humanity.

He challenges each person to introspect and realize that if he can run 63 kilometers barefoot, others can take a small step towards improvement, both personally and for their country.

Ramy told the 961 that in a society where convenience often prevails, he believes we’ve grown weaker due to the ease of everything.

This comfort has inadvertently led to increased stress and illness. Ramy’s call to action is clear: embrace the effort, embrace the discomfort, and rediscover the essence of being human.

This barefoot marathon isn’t merely a personal challenge for Ramy; it’s a testament to his resilience, a statement of solidarity with Lebanon’s challenges, and a dedication to his past battle with cancer.

In a world that often values ease over effort, Ramy’s barefoot marathon becomes a testament to the power of perseverance, the resilience of the human spirit, and the profound impact of taking steps beyond our comfort zones.

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