Lebanese Influencer Is Running Over 110 KM Barefoot In Dubai


This Sunday, Lebanese influencer Ramy Naouss, is planning to run over 110 kilometers barefoot in under 12 hours in Dubai. This remarkable feat comes after a deeply personal journey of resilience and determination.

Ramy decided to forgo his medication for three months now. This isn’t his first run; in 2022, he ran over 40 kilometers barefoot from Dahye to Batroun. In 2023, he completed a marathon and a half from Rouche to Beirut

This upcoming run holds special significance for Ramy. Not only does it symbolize his resilience against cancer and how he beat it, but it also coincides with the first anniversary of his aunt’s passing from the same disease.

Additionally, it marks three months of abstaining from medication, demonstrating his dedication to testing the limits of his body and spirit.

In his own words, Ramy expresses his motivation on IG: “If I can rise above my past, you can. I am not a superhuman, I’m here to remind you of how good it is to be human.”

Ramy told the 961 of the theme of his run: “oum ya ensen, shoof addeh awe tkoon ensen,” also meaning “Rise above fear, doubt, and pain. This happens when you step outside your mind and start living beyond it.”

Ramy invites everyone to join him during this run. However, You will need to run barefoot as no shoes are allowed. Dubai is known to be the cleanest and safest when it comes to the streets so running barefoot shouldn’t be a problem.

Ramy’s journey is not just about personal triumph; it’s about inspiring others to embrace their inner strength and overcome challenges, no matter how daunting they may seem.

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