Lebanese Innovator Makes It To The Grand Finale Of The Biggest Contest In The Region

Meet The Lebanese Innovator Who Reached The Grand Finale Of 'Stars Of Science
Stars of Science

With his innovative Ductal Organoid-on-a-Chip, Waddah Malaeb has reached the grand finale of the biggest innovation contest in the region, impressing the jury and experts with his idea that held its ground during the challenging testing phase.

Waddah, who is a mechanical engineer and biomedical researcher, has put several years of work into the project that he successfully pitched to the jury of the latest season of Stars of Science, setting himself apart as a top contestant in the highly-competitive program.

His cost-effective “Organ-on-a-Chip” biochip is designed to harbor cells and allow them to grow in an environment that simulates that of the human body, forming 3D tissues similar to human tissues, which can have many practical uses in medicine.

During the latest phase of the Qatari science show, which proved more difficult this season due to COVID-19, Waddah elevated himself again when he pitched his idea to experts and potential users to gain validation of his product.

Now, after having ascended to the grand finale, Waddah has done everything in his power to reach the closest point to winning.

The only thing he can do now is to wait for the public viewers – the ultimate jury of the show – to vote for him. He needs to get the highest vote count in order to win the competition and its $600,000 prize and, ultimately, bring his ambitious project to life.

“Every vote for me is a vote for science, for hope, and for Lebanon,” Waddah Malaeb says, and the Lebanese people certainly want to do that. Voting for him is voting for Lebanon and the hope that keeps us going against all odds.

Voting for our Lebanese innovator is very simple and takes a mere few seconds, and every vote gets him one step closer to getting his innovation into the world of medicine.

To vote for Waddah:

  • Go to the Stars of Science voting page.
  • Click on Waddah’s image.
  • Scroll down and enter your email address.
  • Click the verification link that then reaches your email, to verify your vote.

Voting closes this week, on Thursday, November 5th.

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