Lebanese Interior Minister Said That Certain Sides Are Inciting Raids On Banks In Lebanon

Arab News

Shortly after the country witnessed multiple bank “heists” in one week, the Lebanese caretaker Interior Minister Bassam al-Mawlawi said that certain “sides” are inciting depositors to storm banks.

Mawlawi said after the emergency meeting for the Central Internal Security Council, “Our meeting’s aim is not to protect the banks but rather the country,” telling depositors that their money cannot be recovered through such methods that are punishable by law.

“This issue destroys order and makes the other depositors lose their rights. Deposits are for all people and I don’t know if anyone accepts to take their deposit at the expense of the rest of the people,” he added.

“I know that all Lebanese people are depositors and they should not allow anyone to push them to implement certain agendas that lead to disrupting order,” Mawlawi went on to say, charging that “certain sides are pushing people to act against banks.”

Mawlawi expressed his refusal to any confrontation between the people and the Lebanese security forces, reassuring them that no force would be used to deal with depositors.

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