ISF Revealed The Cause Of Recent Riots Inside Lebanon’s Central Prison In Roumieh (Video)

Al Monitor

Last week, news revealed multiple death cases in Lebanon’s central prison in Roumieh.

Security sources denied claims of the possibility that these deaths were caused by prisoners drinking contaminated water and contracting a virus.

Later on, the Internal Security Forces (ISF) issued a statement clarifying what had happened inside the prison of Roumieh.

The ISF said that due to the mass hunger strike in the Juvenile Prison, a number of inmates claimed illness and demanded hospitalization for treatment.

“When they were brought into the central pharmacy, the inmates provoked a mess and took advantage of the mess to film footage showing them in poor health conditions to create an uproar in the public opinion,” the statement said.

Immediately after the riots, prison officers intervened in order to keep the inmates inside, and protect the central pharmacy and the corridor leading to it, as well as the juvenile floor that contained the underage prisoners.

At that time, “the two prisoners M.S. and H.Y. attacked the security forces with sharp objects, and set fire to the room adjacent to cell No. 8,” the ISF revealed.

As a result, one of the sergeants sustained a wound to his right hand, which necessitated his transfer to the hospital for treatment.

After that, a full inspection of the building was carried out, whereby 12 cell phones, 15 electric chargers, telephone handsets, and a large number of sharp iron pieces manufactured inside the prison were seized.

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