Lebanese ISF Teamed Up with North Lebanon’s Anti-Drug Campaign

The Anti-Drugs Arab Committee and the Lebanese Youth Association for Development have recently set up an anti-drug program in cooperation with the Directorate General of Internal Security Forces. It includes 11 awareness checkpoints on the scourge of drugs in the Qalhat area, in front of Balamand University, in Koura where awareness leaflets and candies were disturbed.


Via Annahar

This new program came as part of a range of activities that included a series of awareness programs on the effect of drugs, which began last week in the city of Tripoli and will continue for a year in Lebanon.

MP George Attallah participated in the event, stressing on “the importance of such activities to face this scourge and reduce its spread, and to protect youth and young people and keep them away from the dens of vice and drugs.”


He added that these activities should be permanent, and praised “the efforts exerted by the Authority and the Society in the fight against drugs through awareness programs, training, and treatment.”

Via Annahar

From his side, the head of the Arab Anti-Narcotics Authority, Dr. Mohamed Mustafa Othman, said that these activities will continue in all areas in Lebanon.”We started from Tripoli and today in Koura, tomorrow in Akkar, Batroun, Zgharta, and all regions,” he pointed out.


The awareness campaigns are not only lectures but various other types of activities. They include several different methods, the first of which is awareness barrier points on the scourge of drugs in cooperation with the internal security forces.


Dr. Othman concluded by thanking “the internal security forces and the people who contributed to this volunteer work.” He said that “This scourge must be confronted in all means, and not only by one body, association, or institution. This work needs an integrated team of specialists and educators.”


These awareness campaigns were welcomed by people in the area who expressed their satisfaction and their willingness to cooperate in the fight against this scourge.

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