Lebanese-Italian Designer is Now Producing Bed Sheets to Help Hospitals in Lebanon

Tony Ward is Producing Bed Sheets for Local Hospitals

Through his empire, Lebanese-Italian designer Tony Ward wants to help the fight against the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.

He stated his intentions in a note on Instagram titled, “From a chain of production… to a chain of solidarity.”

In the note, he said: “On Saturday, March 21st, the Tony Ward Atelier reopened its doors… The day before, we had heard about the lack of bed sheets and other needs in the hospitals welcoming COVID-19 patients.”

Ward continues saying: “We felt committed to provide those needs and therefore to shift the Atelier from the Couture craftsmanship to the production of bed sheets and protective suits to be offered to the hospitals.”

This heroic act is one of many initiatives luxury brands are taking to respond to the global health crisis. Recently, Louis Vuitton produced hand sanitizer instead of perfume and gave them out for free. Distilleries around the world are doing the same.

With all the fear and loss brought on by the virus, these grand acts of kindness from big brands can make people feel hopeful that indeed this will be over soon and we will get through this together.