Lebanese-Italian Doctor Warned Lebanese People in a Recent Video

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A while back, Lebanese-Italian professor and doctor Hussein Jallous assured people that the Lebanese doctors combating Coronavirus in Italy, especially Northern Italy that is the most affected by COVID-19, are all safe and unaffected by the virus.

On Tuesday 10 March, Dr. Jallous addressed the Lebanese again, this time in an urgent video.

In this video, he attempts to raise awareness in Lebanon regarding the Coronavirus, the dangers, and the rapidity of its spread, as well as the importance of following regulations and taking the necessary precautions.

Lebanese Forces

This is what Doctor Professor Hussein Jallous has felt compelled to share with the Lebanese in the homeland:

He belongs to two countries, his country of residence which is Italy, and his homeland, Lebanon; both these places are affected by COVID-19.

Though the number of cases is much higher in Italy and the outbreak is still limited in Lebanon, he warns that all now severely affected countries first started with a limited number of cases.

Italy, Northern Italy in specific, is a developed and progressed country, especially when it comes to its health sector. Northern Italy is were most Coronavirus cases reside, and Italy now is the second most infected country after China.

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Few months after the COVID-19 appearance in China, the number of infections and deaths is decreasing while the number of people recovering is increasing.

In Italy, however, the number of infections and deaths are still on the rise. The European country has over 1,000 hospitals (public and private) and over 200,000 beds for patients, 5,000 of which are for Intensive Care.

With these numbers, Italy is considered better equipped than America, Canada, and Britain. In spite of all of this, Italy is now helpless. Its authorities, though anxious, are still trying to control the spread of the virus.

Italian Military/Handout via REUTERS

At the moment, they are working on installing an additional 5,000 beds for Intensive Care.

These beds aren’t just for cases affected by the COVID-19, but also for other patients, like those suffering from heart conditions, or victims of car accidents, etc. All urgent cases, Coronavirus or not, will be occupying these beds.

This is the case in Italy. As for Lebanon, the cases are still limited, but again, this was once the case in Italy, China, and other countries, the doctor said.

Credit: AFP / South China Morning Post

Unfortunately, not taking the necessary measures from the Lebanese government’s side, and most importantly from the citizens’ side, is leading to further crisis in the country.

The professor pointed out that he is not just saying these things to freak the people out, but these are obvious and hard facts. Knowing these facts, people should take convenient steps and precautions.

The doctor is following Lebanon news, and he noticed that people aren’t following the regulations and instructions that help control the virus. This might lead to great consequences, it is like ‘playing with fire,’ he said.

Reuters / Mohamed Azakir

These careless acts put several lives in danger. People can’t blame the government, the authorities, the ministers, and MPs if they are not personally doing their part as well.

No country can fight such a crisis without help from its citizens, and especially not a country with limited resources such as Lebanon.

The world’s countries are all taking hard measures to control the Coronavirus outbreak, and Lebanon should be no different.

Every person should take responsibility and do his or her role. By doing so, we are not just protecting ourselves, but also our loved ones, our parents and grandparents who will be the most affected if hit by the virus.

This means, he insisted, no picnics, no gatherings, no intimacy, no visitations, no going out in groups, no smoking shisha in groups, and no excluding anyone from your personal measures, not your neighbors or your family members and friends.

Via: TRT World

“Enough reckless disregard, enough jokes, and enough fake news and unfactual, unscientific advice,” he stressed, saying that COVID-19 is not influenza nor the flu.

This virus is fast spreading and it can be controlled and limited with these three steps/measures only, according to him:

  1. Fast diagnosis and isolation for the cases,
  2. Strict and firm monitoring of the mandatory quarantines, as well as banning gatherings,
  3. High-level of awareness, realization, understanding, and acceptance of these measures from the citizens’ side (this is the most important measure).

It is not too late for Lebanon, Hussein Jallous said. People and authorities should work day and night with utter consciousness.

The doctor wished people once again to quit spreading fake and unscientific news like the discovering of a new ‘magical’ medication, cures and/or vaccines. As for the time being, there are no vaccines or cures.


Cases that are not dangerous are most likely to recover. Only 10% of the cases are complicated and need cures.

All that the doctors are using now are old medications for previous viruses, including biological medications, or/and experimental protocols.

The results, however, are discouraging. The vaccine can’t be used still. It needs a minimum of six months to its completion because it should first be tested on animals.

The doctor’s last advice is for everyone to follow the necessary health tips to avoid the infection; this is the only cure or vaccine that will protect us from COVID-19 for this moment.

“May God protect Lebanon and the Lebanese people, hoping that the country will be up to the responsibility to reduce the consequences of the next stage,” he concluded.

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