This Lebanese Jewelry Maker Uses Emotional Connections As Her Artistic Muse


Lebanese Nada Ghazal uses her gained talents to create timeless fine-jewelry items, echo the senses of emotions, and celebrate the woman.

The jewelry maker first gained her degree in Advertising Design from the Lebanese American University (LAU), then she traveled to Dubai where she worked for a multinational advertising agency.

After 10 years in advertising, and after winning several regional and international awards, she felt a hidden drive to use her experience in advertising and artistic talent to create her distinctive brand.

Ghazal was also featured in Forbes “Women Behind Middle Eastern Brands 2020,” with 11 other Lebanese women. Celebrities like Olivia Palermo, Miley Cyrus, Jada Pinkett Smith, Nancy Ajram, and Wael Kfoury were among her many customers.

When she returned to Beirut, she handcrafted her first jewelry items, using 18k gold string with precious stones.

In 2003, she showcased her first collection of 25 handmade pieces that were sold out in less than 3 days. From there, her jewelry collection grew, encouraging her to create new items.

Within a year, she established her jewelry company and got the opportunity to open her first boutique workshop.

Through her collections, Nada Ghazal reflects on making jewelry “with a soul,” adorning it with semi-precious gems, which mirrors the sense used to celebrate femininity and connect women from different ages and cultures.

Consequently, each of her jewels is intricately designed with passion and love, as well as innovative techniques and traditional skills to create edgy designs.

To have a social impact, Nada Ghazal focuses on women empowerment by employing women in her workplace. She also uses authenticity and integrity to translate memories and Lebanese heritage into her jewels.

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