Lebanese Josiane Touma Was Awarded For Her Work At Pfizer

Josiane Touma

The Lebanese Josiane Touma won the Supply Chain Professional Of the Year award for her work at Pfizer, the American pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporation.

After receiving this prestigious award at the “Supply Chain Practice Leaders Summit MENA SCMLOG 5.0,” the Director and Global Supply Chain Lead at Pfizer expressed that she was honored to have won such an award.

Josiane Touma

“Global Supply Chain is integral in healthcare as we have all earned it following many events in the pandemic […] Our teams have seen commitments to strengthening our supply chains and invest highly in initiatives and tech which is needed to ensure equitable healthcare across MENA,” she added via her Linkedin account.

It is worth noting that Josiane Touma is an American University of Beirut (AUB) Alumni (BS 04) and is currently based in the United Arab Emirates, where she is empowering the youth and women in the field.