Mount Lebanon Judge Stressed Lebanese Judges Refuse To Be Used As A Tool For Politicians’ Interests


Commenting on the judges’ strike announced by 350 judges of various ranks in Lebanon, the first investigative judge in Mount Lebanon, Nicolas Mansour, pointed out multiple matters.

Judge Mansour stressed that judges in Lebanon are required to give everything and sacrifice everything without compensation or rights, that the independence and credibility of the judiciary are more than ever at stake, and that any project in the direction of independence is subject to arrest in the neighborhoods of those in power.

The more the judges cry out, demanding that injustice be lifted from them and justice for their rights, the louder will be the voices of the “traitors and the beneficiaries,” he commented.

Judge Mansour, based on the reading of the Lebanese people who reject this reality and adhere to an independent, impartial, and just judiciary, decided the following:

Firstly, considering judges’ rights, especially in terms of a fair salary befitting the position and responsibility of the judge, as sacred and uncompromising, and there is no retreat from continuing to claim them.

Secondly, launching an open strike is the only remaining means that judges rely on to move the consciences of those responsible for this country towards the judges’ supposedly acquired rights.

Thirdly, Judge Mansour stressed not to allow the politicians to take the judges as a tool for their interests, as the judges are the “masters of themselves” as he said, and they occupy their positions because they are worthy.

Fourthly, judges under these conditions do not take bribery as a means of living, because they swore an oath that they would judge only with justice and only be right and that no circumstances would prevail against them.

Judge Mansour concluded by saying: “We will remain an authority independent of everyone, and to continue striving to achieve the aspirations of the Lebanese people with a strong and effective judiciary, without which the rule of law and institutions cannot exist.”

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