Lebanese Karate Kid Wins 3rd Place In International Tournament

Lebanese Karate Kid Wins 3rd Place In International Tournament
Facebook/Salerni Dojo Kyokushin Karate LLC

Ghinwa Safi has been living with her parents in the United States since they emigrated from Lebanon in 2016. Despite her young age, the 7-year-old has already made her country proud with her achievement in a recent karate tournament.

Because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Ghinwa, like other karate practitioners, was unable to participate in an international karate tournament – not a traditional one, at least.

So, exceptionally, the World Karate Federation held a virtual tournament that Ghinwa participated in and won third place, making her parents and her beloved country proud.

The young fighter achieved her next belt rank (Kyu) back in October, before going into the competition.

Ghinwa, who was vocal about her love for Lebanon in a video of her introducing herself, published by LBCI, is one example of many young Lebanese around the world, where opportunities to shine are available, achieving great things every day.

Unfortunately for Lebanon, emigration rates among the Lebanese, especially the youth and graduates, have been soaring this year, as a result of the deteriorating situation in Lebanon, including the economic crisis and the political instability.

Here is Ghinwa introducing herself and announcing her achievement: