Lebanese Kickboxer Karim Harik Won 2nd Place In The 2022 Virtual World Championships

Karim Harik

The professional Lebanese kickboxer Karim Harik won 2nd place in the Series C of the men’s 2022 Virtual World Championships, which took place in South Portland, United States.

The competitors can participate by “shadow boxing,” which takes place through a 2-minute recorded video in which the athletes showcase their skills, performance, speed, and technique in boxing and kickboxing.

Harik was the only Lebanese to have participated in the Virtual World Championships, and he is also the only Lebanese player to have participated in virtual martial arts tournaments since the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is Karim Harik’s 6th participation in world championships. He previously won the Pro European Kickboxing Champion title, which was held in Italy, after defeating his Indian counterpart in three rounds.

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