Only 1% of Lebanese Know About This Law That Legalizes Rape (VIDEO)

Legalizes Rape

There’s this law, specifically article 522 of the Lebanese penal law, that is quite common in many Arab countries. This is a law that actually legalizes rape.

Although a growing debate in countries like Jordan, for example, you wouldn’t expect a country as free and forward as Lebanon to have such laws right? Wrong.

Jordan has already made amendments to Section 308 (similar law) earlier this year. Although not perfect, it was a welcomed move.

In Lebanon, unfortunately, there’s still not enough awareness to address this issue. In fact, only 1% of Lebanese know about this law.

This law allows for a rapist to walk free if he marries his victim. Like what kind of f%#@ed up law is that?! This literally legalizes rape.

Girls, who are victims of the rape, are once again victims of, quite often, forced marriages. Families encourage their daughters to marry their rapists to “preserve their honor”, the government makes it legal, and the rapist gets to go free.

Makes sense? Obviously not! That’s why ABAAD produced this video and is trying to raise awareness about this issue through the #Undress522 tag. 522 refers to the legal article number.

A law that legalizes rape doesn’t belong in any country, especially one like Lebanon that respects the family!

Watch the video below and share this with your friends! We must raise awareness about this!

As someone who has volunteered for organisations that help women and victims of domestic violence, it’s important to see this video get shared as far and wide as possible – eventually getting article 522 cancelled!

Lebanon has unfortunately adopted many absurd laws from a few of our colonizers and invaders. This is quite obvious in our laws, or lack of, of domestic violence, gender equality and women’s right in general.

Lebanon can’t brag of being a “progressive and Western” country when our basic human right laws are falling behind (to say the least!)

Share this video to raise awareness!

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