Lebanese Lawyer Who Sued Hezbollah Just Had His House Broken Into

Al Kalima Online

Lebanese Lawyer Majd Harb filed recently a lawsuit against Hezbollah to the Financial Public Prosecution in Lebanon. This lawsuit accuses the party of tax and customs evasion and money laundering.

Less than a week after the lawsuit was filed, some people, who till now remain unidentified, broke into Harb’s house in Hazmieh on Saturday evening. Noting that the lawyer wasn’t home at the time of the break-in.

Nothing was reported stolen from his house, indicating that the purpose wasn’t a robbery, which raises questions.

The lawyer prompted to report it and filed a complaint with the Public Prosecution in Baabda against an unknown person, as it is done in such cases, in order to find out the circumstances of the break-in.

The Public Prosecution Office ordered an investigation and commissioned the Criminal Evidence and Information Department to investigate and raise fingerprints to discover the perpetrator(s).