10 Lifestyle Changes Lebanese People Will Adopt With The Lira Collapse

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During the nationwide quarantine, Lebanon’s crumbling economy was shaken even further. Life going back out of lockdown will not be the same for many reasons.

First, because of health alertness and calls for continuous social distancing.

Second, because Lebanese people will have to adopt new ways to cope with the lira crashing. Some of the ways are surprisingly positive!

#1 Less Restaurants, More Picnics

People will start thinking of alternative cost-efficient ways to have fun on the weekends, like taking walks in nature and having a picnic over getting dressed up ad going to Sunday luncheons.

Yes, restaurants might get affected but they will also adapt. Lebanese always do.

#2 Discovering Free Beaches

Only the elite will be seen at private resorts once the lockdown is lifted in summer, while many others will spend their sunny days discovering free beaches along the shore. A refreshing escape from modern capitalism!

#3 Less iPhone, More Android

The iPhone 11 Pro costs $1,000 USD, that’s 4,000,000 LBP if you assume the exchange rate is 4,000 LBP/USD (more or less where it is at the time of writing).

With 4,000,000 LBP for a phone, it’s safe to say we won’t be seeing Lebanese people rushing to buy the latest iPhone like they used to. Android phones are famously more affordable.

#4 More Bicycles

Lebanese are going to choose more affordable forms of transportation in the cities, such as bicycles. We may even see people leaning towards buying motorcycles over cars. Bicycles have been in trend as well, so it’s not a surprise that many will hop on the wave.

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#5 Internal Production & Agriculture

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It is a hope that the Lebanese will start supporting local companies, especially if the companies make products that are more affordable than imported items.

Many have already started making their own products and growing their own produce!

#6 No More Big Salons & Dining Rooms

Lebanese homes are known for their double salons (sometimes triple) and dedicated dining area in addition to the kitchen dining table.

With the crash of the lira, it’s highly doubtful that people will be able to afford that much furniture, let alone the big spacious houses. People will probably Feng Shui their interiors.

#7 Moving Out of Bigger Houses

In fact, people may start ditching their big houses altogether for the cost it involves in maintaining it and supplying it with utilities.

Many will go for smaller dwellings if new homeowners and even more will opt for renting something smaller and more affordable.

#8 No More Domestic Workers

This is possibly the best one. Families can no longer afford to get house helpers. And because domestic workers expect to get paid in USD and there is a shortage of dollars here, foreigners will stop seeking employment in Lebanon.

#9 Fewer Trips To Barbers, Hair Salons, and Estheticians

We can learn a few things from Georgina Rizk who did her own hair perfectly when she competed for the title of Miss Universe. People won’t entirely ditch their trusty hairstylists and beauty specialists because they need all the support they can get.

But it is foreseeable that people won’t go as often. Instead, they’ll learn how to do some things themselves, like grooming, threading, waxing, and simple hair dying at home; or go natural!

#10 Embracing Minimalism

Lebanese may adopt a less-is-more lifestyle. Not only is it largely on-trend, but it will actually save their wallets, and improve people’s perspective, state of mind, and overall wellbeing.

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