The Lebanese Lira Just Dropped To 60,000LL per $1 USD

The Lebanese Lira dropped to an all-time low today on Lebanon’s parallel market.

Although the official rate still remains at the peg of $1 = 1,515 LL and the bank rate at $1 = 8,000 LL, the parallel market was selling $1 at 60,000 LL – marking an all-time low.

The Lebanese Lira dropped in value only a week ago to 50,000LL.

In August 2019, pressure on the fixed exchange rate with the U.S. dollar started, creating a parallel rate in the market.

The two-rate market is a textbook case of weakening Central Bank reserves that are not able to defend the official exchange rate.

Continuous financial pressures driven by unsustainable sovereign debt, high trade deficit, and deposit outflows due to loss of confidence made it impossible for the market to maintain the peg.

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