Watch This Lebanese-Made Animated Thriller Of A Revolution In A Dystopian Future

Spring Entertainment

Set in the year 2053, the fictional country ‘Alephia’ is rampant with corruption under an unruly tyrant who has his nation under 24/7 surveillance.

Anyone who speaks up against his unjust ways will face public execution that instills fear into the hearts of onlookers. With the public seemingly under control and close watch, change must sprout from within with the help of undercover agents.

The fast-paced 60-min animated thriller Alephia 2053 takes viewers on a journey to the birth of a revolution taking the country from bleak to hopeful.

Made by the Lebanese company Spring Entertainment, the film was regarded as the first Arabic-language animation meant for an adult audience.

The timing of Alephia 2053, 10 years after the Arab Spring uprisings, is a nod to people of revolutions across the Middle East and the world.

Alephia 2053 is available entirely on YouTube, where it garnered over 8 million views since its release almost 2 months ago.

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