Food Was Used Instead In This Hilarious Lebanese Makeup Tutorial

The internet is full of makeup tutorials, and these two Lebanese women decided to make a parody of them! Using food and kitchen utensils, Céline Sarraf, a marketing consultant and influencer, is showing her friend Ingrid Bawab, a previous candidate on MBC The Voice, how to get the summer 2017 look! We got in touch with Céline and she told us how she came up with the idea. Basically, she was showing Ingrid a makeup tutorial and she saw all these girls putting so many layers of makeup on. So that’s when the two girls decided to do their own makeup tutorial… using food! Who knew that labneh could be a delicious food and a great concealer at the same time? The video was pretty spontaneous. Céline told us that she didn’t think for a second it was going to go viral and they were expecting negative comments instead. She’s just happy that she was able to make people smile and laugh. Steal their look!

  • Concealer: Taanayel Les Fermes
  • Foundation: White Bell
  • Contouring Palette: Nutella
  • Eyeshadow: Darina Jus
  • Lipstick: Heinz Ketchup

For more inspiration, visit the condiment aisle in your local grocery store. Be sure to follow





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