Lebanese Man Suspected of Plotting a Terrorist Attack Gets Arrested in Poland


Polish police arrested a Lebanese man on suspicion of plotting terrorist attacks in Europe. Poland had reason to believe the man and the attacks are affiliated with the extremist terrorist group ISIS.

The identity of the man was not made public. According to the spokesman for Poland’s special services, Stanislaw Zaryn, the man was detained on April 16th for being believed to be “a real threat to Polish internal security and to our country’s citizens.”

In a statement, Zaryn said the man was suspected of “planning to set up a network in Poland and elsewhere in the EU that would carry out terror attacks in Western European countries.”

Moreover, Zaryn said the man had “family ties to terrorists belonging to the so-called Islamic State who died in battle against the coalition forces in Syria and Iraq.”

The Daily Star reported according to AFP that the suspect was involved with Daesh through the internet. He was also in touch with other individuals “linked to the group in EU member countries while he was staying in Poland.”

The Lebanese man is now in a detention center for foreigners in Poland.