Lebanese Man Faked Being Robbed To Steal His Friend’s Money

An Internal Security Forces (ISF) policeman was found dead in a car on Tuesday.

A man was arrested in Lebanon after he stole the money his friend had entrusted him with.

Initially, “B.B.,” a 40-year-old man, filed a complaint to security forces in Chiyah in Beirut, claiming that an unknown person had broken into his house in Ain El-Remmaneh and stolen a sum of money — $4,000 and LBP 50 million, the Internal Security Forces (ISF) said in a statement on Monday.

The complaint was lodged on June 29th. On the same day, a woman arrived at the same police station and said that she had previously entrusted B.B. with a sum of money and that, when she asked him to return it, he started stalling and making excuses.

He later informed her that his house had been robbed, the plaintiff said.

After receiving the new complaint, security forces raided B.B.’s house, which led them to seize the stolen money and arrest him.

During his interrogation, the detainee confessed to having received the plaintiff’s money to keep it safe and planning to seize it later, the ISF said.

So, he invited the plaintiff to dinner and sent his friend, 25-year-old Lebanese national “M.J.,” to steal the money from his house by breaking into it.

In return for the act, M.J. would receive LBP 8 million. After that was done, B.B. claimed that his house had been robbed in an attempt to drive suspicions away from himself.

M.J. has since been arrested as well, and he confessed to the above. The money has been returned to its owner, and the two detainees have been referred to the competent judicial authority.

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