Lebanese Man Just Rode A Horse Through Central Beirut

Khalil Choucair

The usually crowded roads of Beirut are now void of life due to the outbreak. The Lebanese capital has become a ghost town of sorts, the city that never sleeps now has to abide by a government-imposed curfew between 7 p.m. and 5 a.m.

Despite some occasional cars passing, the streets are nearly empty except for this man and his horse. The horse rider decided it was the prime time to take his horse out on a stroll in a new uncharted land for the four-legged fellow.

AlAn TV reporter Jenan Moussa tweeted about it saying, “Officially there is a curfew in place due to coronavirus. People stay at home, cars can’t be used. But nobody seems to be stopping this urban cowboy.”

Some of the comments on her tweet called this man the “horseman of the apocalypse” and someone commented that he “took his horse down the old town road.”

Twitter user HilmAmando said, “When [the] apocalypse happens, this guy will win while we are searching for a drop of petrol.” Referring to the new rule of cars’ circulation based on Odd/Even license plates, Twitter user Khalil Choucair commented, “Beirut in time of corona, no odd and no even.”

In fact, due to lockdowns worldwide and the absence of humans outside, animals have been taking the opportunity to explore cities they’ve always been too afraid of going to.

Cats have even taken over the Beirut corniche.

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