Lebanese Man Speaks About Experience in Coronavirus Quarantine

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George Merheb was infected with the Coronavirus and decided to quarantine himself so as to avoid infecting any of his family members or friends.

Almost immediately upon developing symptoms, he wore gloves and a mask and headed to Rafik Hariri Hospital to get tested for the virus.

Upon arriving at the hospital and reporting his symptoms to the staff, they prompted to test him for the virus.

George Merheb speaking from inside the quarantine. LBCI

He isolated himself at once in a room, not allowing anyone of his family to enter, and he took it upon himself to thoroughly sanitize everything around him.

When the result came positive for coronavirus, he was led into the hospital’s quarantine room.

His message to all the Lebanese people is as follows: “You have no idea how you will catch the virus. You may be young so it might not affect but think of those older than you. Think of your grandma, your grandpa, your parents. You have no idea what might happen to you. It can come from anywhere.”

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He then pleaded to the Lebanese people who are still not taking the virus seriously, “Please watch out. Seriously. Stay at home.”

He added, “Stop going out and keep your plans to a minimum. Don’t shake hands, even with members of your own family. Stay at home and think responsibly. Don’t be ashamed if you have symptoms. Don’t be ashamed if you have the Coronavirus.”

He also asked those who were spreading rumors about him to stop interfering in people’s private lives.

Lebanese doctor distributes coronavirus’ awareness brochures to arriving passengers at Beirut Airport.
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WHO has recently released a list of symptoms that you should watch out for: Fever (in 88% of cases); Dry cough (68%); Fatigue (38%); Sputum/Phlegm production (33%).

The CDC recommends that people wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer if that’s not available.

The Lebanese University Med Students have released a nice video on how people should wash their hands thoroughly and how to adopt a new way of greeting each other without touching hands. You might need to check it out here.

Mohammad El-Jannoun l Lebanese University

Moreover, WHO recommends to only use face masks if sick or if you are caring for someone who is.

If you feel certain symptoms know anyone who has, please refer to this article.

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