Lebanese Maronite Patriarch was just invited to meet the Saudi King

The Lebanese Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Bechara Boutros Al Rai was invited by Saudi Arabia to visit King Salman in the coming weeks. It’s the first time that the kingdom invites a church leader, unlike Christian politicians who visit the kingdom often. The patriarch received the invitation from the chargé d’affaire of Saudi Arabia in Lebanon Waleed Al Bukhari. The latter mentioned that this visit is going to be historic. Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, who is currently leading Saudi Arabia, promised its people to modernize the country and to eliminate extremism. Non-muslim people cannot publicly practice their faiths in Saudi Arabia since there are no religious places other than mosques. These people hold their ceremonies in their homes or embassies. Saudi Arabia has been accused of propagating Wahhabism; an ultra-conservative and extreme religious movement that has inspired Al Qaeda and Daesh. The Crown Prince is aiming at moderating Islam and making Saudi Arabia a country open to all religions and cultures. According to


, he is also leading the initiative “Vision 2030” which aims at diversifying Saudi economy and reforming the society.

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