Lebanese Mayyas’ Performance Dazzles Britain’s Got Talent

Britain’s Got Talent returned last night with a brand new batch of contestants from around the globe, including the Lebanese Mayyas Group.

This Lebanese dance group that won Arab’s Got Talent in 2019 presented a mesmerizing performance on the stage, raising Lebanon’s name high in the dancing industry.

The troupe is made up of 30 Lebanese women and girls that perform complex and intricate dance numbers set to unique Middle-Eastern and Egyptian musical fusions.

Their victory in Arabs Got Talent four months ago marked the first time a Lebanese contestant takes the title home. 

The crew danced in harmonious, perfect rhythm to an Arabic-Egyptian piece on the melodies of Ragaouni Einek by Umm Kulthum.

The act kept the judges in awe and earned them a standing ovation from both the judges and the huge audience.

David Walliams joked, “Wow, I nearly wore that outfit tonight. That would have been embarrassing!” Then he went on praising, “It was magical, from the start to finish. I can see why you won Arab’s Got Talent.”

He finished his praising saying that this was one of the best performances he has seen on Britain’s Got Talent!

Alesha Dixon was absolutely in shock as she told them, “It is very enchanting and mysterious. I knew I was enjoying it because when it ended I was like NO, I really wanna see more! It was fantastic, I’ve never seen anything like this before!”

The show’s third judge, Amanda Holden, said that it was beautiful. “Every move you made was so precise and so disciplined. You are a fantastic representation of Arab’s Got Talent. Congratulations on that!”

As for Simon Cowell, who is always very hard to impress, he said that it was absolutely genius, brilliant, and inventive. “I’ve never seen a dance act like this ever on any of these shows!”

A girl from the crew finally said that it was like a dream come true. “None of us ever thought that we could stand up here and perform to all of these people.”

Unfortunately, the astonishing all-female crew was eliminated, as Darcy Oake and Paddy&Nico got put through to the final on BGT: The Champions.

Although it was not a real happy ending for Mayyas Group, they will never forget this performance and their impact on the audience, nor will the audience and the world forget.

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