Lebanese Mayyas Group Is Going To The AGT Finals And The Internet Is Going Crazy About It

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Lebanese Mayyas Group was voted into the final shows of America’s Got Talent.

After delivering an out-of-the-world performance, The Mayyas hit yet another giant step toward victory.

Since the news hit the internet and the Lebanese, everyone has been going nuts – and not only the Lebanese – expressing their excitment and affection towards The Mayyas and their edging close to the final win.

Twitter was trending like crazy with #Mayyas.

Columbian-American actress Sofia Vergara went out of her way to congratulate the Lebanese dance group on Twitter on this outstanding performance after she had insisted on her instinct of The Mayyas winning and qualifying for the finals.

Lebanese Journalist and Content Creator Mhmd @dankar shared Simon Cowell’s comment on The Mayyas show on AGT which came as follows: “This is a performance that changes the world.”

A Lebanese in the diaspora named Al-Moughtareb on Twitter tweeted out praising the Lebanese dance group for what they were able to deliver on stage.

Famous Lebanese artist Elissa weighed in on the show expressing her gratitude and respect to The Mayyas for fighting through the tough times and bringing beams of hope in such doomed times for Lebanon.

Translates to:
“This is the creativity of Lebanon, this is sweet Lebanon, despite everything we’re going through,
You raised the name of Lebanon above and beyond, the whole world is proud of you, and not only the Lebanese,
Congratulations on qualifying for the finals.”

The compliments on Twitter were endless but Tiktok has its bit as well!


‎تأهل فرقة #مياس اللبنانية إلى النهائيات في برنامج America’s Got Talent #Mayyastothefinals in #AGT#كرمالك_يا_لبنان #lebanon🇱🇧 #explore #follow #congratulations

♬ original sound – Caroline Akar

This video for example had thousands of comments like these:

“We are proud of you guys congratulations”
“All the best to you congratulations”
“Congratulations Mayyasofficial you deserve the best”

Compliments were also rolling out on Reddit rooting for The Mayyas!

And McDonald’s Lebanon chimed in as well, posting on social media a new logo in support of The Mayyas, captioned: “MAY we say YAAASSSSSS!!! You make us so proud. Congratulations to Lebanon.”

And expressions of pride continue with the Mayyas latest performance going viral:

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