40 Hilarious Lebanese Memes That’ll Make Your Day

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Lebanon, known for its rich culture and vibrant spirit, also has a knack for creating some of the funniest memes on the internet. From witty commentary on daily life to hilarious takes on current events, Lebanese memes have a unique charm that can make anyone laugh.

In this compilation, we’ve gathered 40 of the most rib-tickling Lebanese memes that are sure to make your day brighter. Whether you’re a local or just someone who appreciates good humor, these memes are bound to resonate with you.

Our selection covers a wide range of topics that every Lebanese person can relate to. So, get ready to LOL as we dive into Lebanese humor.

Remember, laughter is the best medicine, and these Lebanese memes are the prescription you need for a hearty dose of hilarity. Scroll down, share with your friends, and let the good times roll!

1. Hummus Memes

This one has the two things we love most: hummus and memes.

2. More Food Memes

Spoon? Nah, give me rgheef khebez.

3. Childhood Traumas

Remembering our earliest catfish experience.

4. Some Things Never Change

There’s no such thing as being full in grandma’s vocabulary.

5. Flirting 101

This kind of flirting will make your crush weak at the knees.

6. Habibi

Habibii, come to Lebanon!

7. Some Things are Unexplainable

We are still waiting for the day we get to use these.

8. Am I Laughing or Crying?

Girls are great multitaskers, anyway.

9. The Ultimate Paradox

So let me get this straight: I can’t sit on the couches in my OWN HOME??

10. Nike Memes

We get things done, we just need to procrastinate first.

11. Alphabet Memes

Well, it’s definitely faster than typing ‘wow’.

12. More Alphabet Jokes

A creative way to let somebody know you miss them.

13. Bitter-Sweet Facts

Too many cousins, yet you have to stay in touch with every single one of them.

14. My Wallet Hurts

Mom, you know these phone calls aren’t free, right?

15. Points for Creativity

“Its fleece was white as snow, yeah.”

16. Hitting the Gym…

…in a funny way.

17. Well, well, well,…

…how the turn-tables!

18. Severe Threats

Don’t make me get angry in Arabic!

19. Lebanese Abroad Problems

What’s so hard about it? It’s only 14 syllables long!

20. Trust Issues

Aslan it didn’t even hurt.

21. Must Be Sparkling Clean

Detergent companies made a fortune because of my mom.

22. Who’s the Most Generous of Them All?

The funny thing is, we are all so very broke.

23. Beauty Standards Are Over The Roof

There’s just so much going on, especially at weddings!

24. Gotta Find You a Husband!

It is your aunt’s life mission to get you walking down the aisle.

25. Natural Remedies

The cure for every sickness is Yansoon.

26. Gentle Parenting Who?

Never heard of her!

27. Arab Dads…

…they are all the same!

28. Lebanese Sign Language


29. Slap It!

Lebanese dads are experts at this.

30. MOM!!

But I already looked here!

31. Happy Coincidence

That’s how you know that your day is going well!

32. Expiry Dates?

That’s a myth.

33. What Can I Say?

We’re a population with many talents.

34. No Sense of Humour

When everything you say turns into a life lesson.

35. Hey, Stranger.

They all remember you when you were still in diapers.

36. Sexism Runs Deep

Childhood memory: being jealous of your brother.

37. More Flirting Lessons

Make your girlfriend swoon the Lebanese way.

38. Flip-Flops, Wooden Spoons,…

You name it.

39. Sudden Heart Attack


40. WHO AM I??

Ya Mhammad, Ali, Moussa… Shu esmak?

These memes hold a mirror to Lebanon’s unique culture, and what a beautiful culture it is! We hope you had a good laugh!

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