This Is How Lebanese Men Responded To The Minister Of Interior’s Sexist Comment

“Let the women cook”… This is the solution that the Lebanese Minister of Interior had for the restaurant and delivery closure during the lockdown in Lebanon.

Mohammad Fahmi’s statement was met by a lot of anger and backlash from the Lebanese people. Many took to social media to call the Minister out, rightfully calling his joke sexist and insensitive… that’s until Lebanese men found a more creative way to respond.

The hashtag تَحَدي_فهمي, meaning #Fahmi_Challenge, took over Twitter on Sunday with Lebanese men posting pictures of them cooking. They actually posted pictures and videos of their cooking process and the end result, and let’s just say these men have talents!

They made it clear that this hashtag was started so they can show their support for women and show that, at this point in Lebanon’s history, the Lebanese society is way beyond stereotypes.


One man posted a picture of himself cooking with the following caption: “Sunday morning cooking.. Nothing unusual.”

Some Lebanese women chimed in to praise this spontaneous campaign, and others to make a statement and to also respond to the Minister.


Some even got offended that the minister could even assume that men can’t cook:

A Lebanese woman tweeted: “The support that we witnessed today from Lebanese men, and their talents in cooking, is very sweet and it makes us proud. Lebanese men are really special.”


Another woman wrote: ” I cook every day! Not because I’m a woman, but because, mind you, I need to eat. Today I made Mloukiyeh, Tfaddalo!”

Worth noting here that Lebanese mothers and housewives have always taken pride in cooking the best of meals and ensuring that their family is well and nicely fed, aka ensuring the wellbeing of all.

They do it with love, so no wonder the Lebanese cuisine is so good and so loved and ranked among the best in the world.

In parallel, Lebanese women have long proven that they are capable to assume any role and any job and succeed in it. They have been a vital part of Lebanon’s job market and economy. They have long challenged the stereotype, from being pilots and army soldiers to businesswomen and CEOs, and you name it.

In fact, this challenge was for the Lebanese men to reject the sexist comment of the minister, and prove to the minister and all that they are as capable to cook good meals as women.

After all, most Chefs in Lebanon and the world are men…

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